More Happy Tails

They are not just numbers to us. Every pet that enters our doors is a story. Read some of them here!

Bella's Happy Tail

Bella’s story with us starts with being hit by a car. When we found Bella, her owner was threatening to shoot her, and our Colorado Springs Animal Law Enforcement team came to her rescue. She was in so much pain that we could barely touch her, but after surgery and two months of foster care, she is feeling much better. We gave her all the time she needed to heal from her injury and to adjust to living in a loving home. Her new family couldn’t wait to adopt her and placed a choice hold on her while she recovered from her trauma in foster care. The day she returned from foster care, her new family came to adopt her. She is so happy in her new home!

Bella’s Happy Tail was made possible by generous donors Vickie & Gay Smith
Introducing our amazing donors, Vickie and Gay Smith!

Vickie Smith is most passionate about two things: her husband’s off-road racing career and advocating for all animals, wild and domestic. After she retired from teaching high school English after 32 years, she had a lot of free time and needed something to do. Each time she walked into HSPPR and saw all the sweet animals, she wanted to help each and every one of them. So to make sure they get the help they need, Vickie became very involved with HSPPR and went on to chair the biggest annual events for the last ten years! She is currently owned by three rescue cats, Diego Grey, Mick Jagger, and Jett Black.

Remi’s Happy Tail

Remi came into HSPPR Pueblo when a concerned citizen noticed an injured cat. Remi was immediately rushed back to our veterinarian, who determined the cat had been shot. Upon further investigation, we learned Remi was not shot once, but four times. One of the bullets likely went through his eye and hit the optic nerve, making him blind. The other three bullets landed in his leg, shoulder and neck. These bullets are so deeply embedded in his body that removing them would cause greater harm, so they are still with him. The good news is that Remi is alive and well! He adjusted well to his blindness, and he has already figured out his litter box. He loves head scratches and doesn’t fear people, despite what happened to him. And thanks to the amazing work of our veterinary team, Remi found a great new home with a loving family! Way to go, Remi!

Remi’s Happy Tail was made possible by generous donors Jenn & Bob Bailey
Introducing our amazing donors, Jenn and Rob Bailey!

Jenn and Rob Bailey are longtime financial supporters of HSPPR who also enjoy attending various HSPPR fundraising events.  They’ve been animal lovers their entire lives and have always surrounded themselves with pets that need a little bit of extra love. Currently, their two young children and three high energy rescue dogs keep them busy!  Even so, they are excited to embark on their next journey in support of HSPPR: fostering kittens!

Misty's Happy Tail

Meet Misty. She came to our Pueblo campus when her owner could no longer care for her. She was a little on the hyper side, and, despite all of our staff’s best efforts, she was continuously looked over for adoption. Right before her two-month mark at the shelter, when we’d begin looking at transfer options for her to see if she would have better luck getting adopted elsewhere, this wonderful woman came through our doors. She visited with Misty and decided this was the dog she had been looking for. The next day, she came to pick up Misty with a pink leash and collar in hand. She told the staff that she is about to become an empty nester, and she wanted Misty to emotionally support her through the transition. She had already even bought a bed for Misty that would sit on top of her own bed! Way to go, Misty!

Misty’s Happy Tail was made possible by… YOU! We value and appreciate every single one of our donors. We couldn’t do what we do without you!
Alice’s Happy Tail

Alice’s Happy Tail! Sweet little Alice has found her new home! Poor little Alice, known as Roo at HSPPR’s Colorado Springs campus, came in with a full rectal prolapse. Our amazing surgery team completed not one but FOUR surgeries as well as medical management in order to permanently reduce her prolapse and treat various potential underlying causes. However, she will need some special care, including special litter, in her new home. It took Alice a few days, but she found an amazing new home over the weekend! Her new family says “We connected right when we met, and her medical issues shouldn’t stand in the way of that.” We just know Alice will have an amazing life. Way to go, Alice and new family!

Alice’s Happy Tail was made possible by generous donors Susan and Terry Darby
Introducing our amazing donors, Susan and Terry Darby

Susan and Terry Darby love their senior pets. Sure, the young ones are cute and all, but it’s the seniors that win their hearts every time! The Darbys have three lovable dachshunds at home, Willie, 13, Ziggy, 10, and Nala Bell, 17, and they can regularly be seen at CS Lowriders Dachshund meetups with their long little doggies in tow. They have been longtime supporters of HSPPR and have served on several volunteer committees. They love HSPPR because of all the good HSPPR does for the community, especially in regard to investigating and charging animal cruelty cases.

Dodger's Happy Tail

Dodger’s Happy Tail! Dodger, one of the cuddliest dogs we’ve ever met, has found his calling. He was adopted from our Colorado Springs campus to be the companion of his new family, especially his new little girl, who has down syndrome! Dodger was quite the staff and volunteer favorite, and we are SO happy he has found such a wonderful home – and the perfect job for him. Way to go, Dodger and new family!

Dodger’s Happy Tail was made possible by generous donors Jim & Laura Johnson
Introducing our amazing donors, Jim and Laura Johnson

Laura and Jim Johnson believe deeply in the work of HSPPR — that’s why they look to the shelter for their beloved companion dogs. Their current dog, Chance (representing the Johnsons in their donor picture!), is an HSPPR alum ’13. But the support doesn’t end with adoptions. Laura has invested many hours of time as a volunteer, previously serving as chairperson for the annual Fur Ball gala for several years, and as co-chair of the most recent capital campaign to expand and renovate the facility. Additionally, the Johnson’s demonstrate their commitment to the mission with generous financial support personally and also through sponsorship support from Jim’s business GE Johnson Construction Company.

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